Question # 17625 :
Sender: Sheikh Sakhawat Ali Zarki Question Subject: Property and Inheritance. Matter: Mr. Allah Dita had 4 Daughters and two sons. In 1966 Allah Dita started his business, and he died by doing same business in 1992. At that time (1992), he had 1 shop,1 house and running business. Business daily sale was 5-6 lacs .Allah Dita did not write his” WILL”. His Sons after his death did not give any property to their daughter according to sharah /Law. We the property were not given to daughters, business furnished further which sum up to 20 Crore today, which is leaded by only two sons. If property was divided among siblings equally then there was no matter. Brothers View: The two son’s point of view is that, we did work hard and built all property and furnished this business by our efforts. Sister’s View: The whole property and business which they furnished well was founded by our father. Allah Dita’s Wife View: Allah Dita’s Wife is alive,she said that all business was established and handled by my husband in his time ,he managed all the business tasks by himself and my sons were under him at that time ,and he himself arranged all marriages of my children and my daughter in Law received daily pocket-money from my husband. He was sole owner of shop and house. Matter Is: Please guide us whether this property is to be calculated and distributed among daughters according to this time 2017 or to be divided at the time after his death 1992?
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