Question # 17605 :
Assalam o alaikum, My name is Shehla Abbas. I am female, 38 years old and I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. I am a shia practicing Muslim. These days I am very scared about life after death. I feel a lot of anxiety. I do not want to go to Hell, even the thought that I might have made some mistakes and sins make me shiver. A little background about myself is that I try to be good human being according to teachings of Islam. I offer regular prayers, even if I qaza some namaz by mistake, I offer the qaza namaz. I have started other qaza namaz which I think I would have missed. I have no qaza fasting on me. I do hijab, eat halal, and try to be as honest and as truthful as possible. My family, my parents, my husband are happy with me. These days I am listening to the Seerat e rasool series from Maulana Sadiq hassan, so learning more about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) life and fiqh and masails as well. But I am very scared as to what will happen when I die and obviously do not want to go to hell. I am trying to improve myself even more to obtain the mercy of Allah. Can you guide me what should I do more to seek forgiveness and may be more peaceful at heart. I will wait for the reply, Thank you, Shehla Abbas
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