Question # 17596 :
I Syeda Namal Hussain got married to Safi Haider who lives in America . I and Safi Haider could not understand each other and could not make the marriage work so I came back to Pakistan in June 2016 which is my home country. Later I asked for divorce. In reply, Safi Haider’s father Mr Shabih Haider asked for unconditional divorce at a judicial paper endorsed by Minitry of Foriegn affairs of Pakistan for future process . I fulfilled his requirement of waiver of any claim what so ever and also drop the claim of dower amount i.e. $14000 as per Muslim law. I have sent this document to him. After this I have not been able to develop any contact with him. They do not reply to any email or calls. Please guide me about the Islamic procedure to move further as i want to get divorce as soon as possible.Is it true that after 3 legal notices and with no reply form him,khula takes place automatically? Please reply.its urgent
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