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Question #17625 :

Sender: Sheikh Sakhawat Ali Zarki
Question Subject: Property and Inheritance.
Matter: Mr. Allah Dita had 4 Daughters and two sons. In 1966 Allah Dita started his business, and he died by doing same business in 1992. At that time (1992), he had 1 shop,1 house and running business.
Business daily sale was 5-6 lacs .Allah Dita did not write his” WILL”. His Sons after his death did not give any property to their daughter according to sharah /Law. We the property were not given to daughters, business furnished further which sum up to 20 Crore today, which is leaded by only two sons. If property was divided among siblings equally then there was no matter.
Brothers View: The two son’s point of view is that, we did work hard and built all property and furnished this business by our efforts.
Sister’s View: The whole property and business which they furnished well was founded by our father.
Allah Dita’s Wife View: Allah Dita’s Wife is alive,she said that all business was established and handled by my husband in his time ,he managed all the business tasks by himself and my sons were under him at that time ,and he himself arranged all marriages of my children and my daughter in Law received daily pocket-money from my husband. He was sole owner of shop and house.
Matter Is: Please guide us whether this property is to be calculated and distributed among daughters according to this time 2017 or to be divided at the time after his death 1992?

Question #14695 :

Moulana Sahab Jaisa kay hum jaantay hain kay Furuu deen 10 hain, is par koi Nas day dijiay. Kia kisi Imam ka Qaoul hay kay yea 10 hi hain, agar hay to kon si Kutab may, plzz reference provide kar dain us Kitaab ka.. Doosra yea kay salat Furuu ka Hisa kiun hay jab kay har jagah yea Asool ki Manand nazar aati hay. Allah nay Tamam Nabion say Salaat Qaim karnay ko kaha, is ki wajah say deen hay, to phir yea Furuu ka hisa KIun aur Asool ka kiun nahi?? Kindly answer

Question #13659 :

Tamam tarife srif Allaha Ke liye jo hamara khalik hai.Asalam allaikum!As been a shia or sunni muslim both offer prayer (Namaz) in five times in a day? But my question is that why there is a difference in the method of praying Namaz between shia and sunni communities? Which sect of muslim follow the correct and right method of offering Namaz according to the kind guidance of last prophet Hazrat Mohammad-e-Mustafa (S.A) and Quran – e- Majeed ?I asked this question only because my friends belong to Sunni community raised this question so many times? I am very much tried to convince him according to our faith (Aqida) but I realized that I was failed to satisfy them from my answers just because of my illiteracy. I believed that from your answer they will satisfied and off course your answer help us to find the right path.Thanks a lot.Monis Zaidi

Question #13287 :

Are Ismailis / Bohras Najis? Provide views of various Maraja-e-Uzzam.

Question #11912 :

Why do Women Muslims have to cover their bodies. Is it compulsory or not.

Question #11789 :

kia na mehram larka larki phone pr bat krskty hn?

Question #11754 :

Suppose a thief is punished by cutting his fingers and he demands from the hakim e sharah to return back to him his cut out fingers for reattaching to his palm as we know that they can be reattached.
Will the sharia law allow the thief to take back his cut out fingers and reattach them to his palm

Question #11739 :

kya baap apni tamam jaidad apne kisi ik bete ke naam kar sakta ha?

Question #11691 :

Assalam o alikum molana sahab mera sawal ye hai ke main bank main job karta ho as a credit manager meri job ye hai ke meray pass loans ki applications ati hain main in ko approve ya reject karta hon aur bank ki policy ke mutabiq interest set karta hon mujhay 3 saal ho gaye hain mera bank koi islami bank nahi aap ki website per main ne apni job ko sahi nahi(haram)jana pehli dafa, please help me main apni salary se nazar niaz majlis sab karta aya hon ab main kia karon…Zeeshan Abidi

Question #11686 :

salam,moulana saheb mera sawal hai ke farishto ko allah ne kisse banaya hai,jaise insaan ko mitti se

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