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Question #17049 :

Please let me know if there is any religious significance of NAVROOZ

Question #16081 :

AOA. I want to ask that do we shia s also believe in 10 or 7 Qirats of Quran.If yes the Qirat followed by Iranian Reciters is among these 10 or 7 Qirats?? I mean we can follow Iranian Qirat style if we are not Iranian? Thank You

Question #15771 :

Assalam o alaikum,molana sahab, hm jante hain k aj Quran jis tarteeb se hum parhthe hain, ye is tarteeb se nazil nahi hua ta. mera sawal ye hai, k kia kahin se humein Quran ke original tarteeb mil sakti hai k jis hisab se Ayaat nazil hoti ti, usi hisab se Quran ki tarteeb ho. or mera sawal ye b hai k Quran ko asli tarteeb se q nahi likha gaya k hum aj be usi tarteeb se parhthe jis tarteeb se ye nazil hota gaya.jazak Allah.wasalam.

Question #15704 :

ayat e tatheer kab nazil hui or kiya waqiya hua tha ??

Question #15487 :

The HOLY QURAN that we have in our homes is this the same HOLY QURAN Which is protected from all kinds of distortions(TEHREEF).Are the verses of The HOLY QURAN exactly in that order as was instructed by the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (Peace and blessings be upon him and his blessed progeny).Few people claim that there are so many Ahadith about the tehreef done in the HOLY QURAN that they have become MUttawatir,and those people claim that majority of the top mujtahidin of shhiites of past and present belived that the HOLY QURAN that we have in our homes is not at all that QURAN which is protected ?MEHFOOZ from tehreef(Distortions).Such people even claim that the Actual mehfooz/protected HOLY QURAN is only with IMAM E MAHDI AKHIR UZ ZAMAN ALAIHIS SALLAM,and those people claim that any one who claims today that he /she has actual complete protected/mehfooz HOLY QURAN at his home is an absolute liar.Please issue a comprehensive detailed fatwa to clear this issue for ever.

Question #15355 :

Salam,Quran mai har khush aur tar ka elm hy. Kia Quran mai English ka zikar hy, agar hy to kaha hy.

Question #15174 :

Salam Agha.. Kia Quran ki koi Ayat kabhi Nasik o Mansookh ho sakti hay… Agar ho sakti hain to Quran ki Ayat Mansookh honay say kia Muraad hay aur Quran ki kon kon si Ayaat Mansookh ho gae hain. Plz Jawaab zaroor dijiay ga Shukriya

Question #14931 :

can you please explain me what is sukoon? and what does this law of ayatullah sistani mean 1013. The recommended precaution is that while offering prayers, one should not recite the ending word of any Ayat with Waqf if one wishes to join it to the next Ayat. Nor should one render it without waqf and join. For example, if you recite “ar Rahmanir Rahimi” and then wait before starting the next, it is not proper.You should continue with no waiting. Similarly, in the same Ayat, that is,”ar Rahmanir Rahim”, if you read the last letter “mim” with sakin, you should not attach the “mim” to “Maliki Yawmi ddin”.

Question #14687 :

Janab Namaz me 2 sajdon k bare me zara tafseel se batain, kia ye Hazrat Adam(AS) ko farishton aur Iblees k sajdon wala waqia hai ya dunya me ane aur qiamat me phir uthane wala?

Question #14673 :

sir asalaam o alikum mane poch na tha k kya hum shia ma ye kha jata hai?? k quran pora nhi hai ye kya bat hai sir clear kr de k log khte hai k shia khte hai k quran pora nhi hai plzzz ans

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