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Question #17621 :

Q1. Chacha kay intiqal kay bad, olad na honay ki sorat main Chachai say raishta qayam rahta hain ya nahi.

Q2. Chacha kay Intiqal kay bad masloom ho kay chachi nay (un ki biwi) chacha ki bimari ki waja say tang akar un ko edhi center admit karwanay gai thi, maggar chacha nay hath paho joray or mafi mangi to un ko admit nahi karwaya or edhi center say wapis lay ayeh thi, or un ki zindagi main un say kafi bad zamani or galam galooch karti thi, chacha kay intiqal kay akhri mahinoo main un kay cousion jo kay bharonay mulk hain un say zada time par bath cheet or internet par video chat par guzarti hain, mara apna khayal hain kay chacha ko in wajohad ki waja say sadma tha or wo intiqal kar gain, or chacha kay intiqal kay bad bhi or yeh silsila bar gaya hain, abb asyi surat main shara kaya hukoom dayti hain kay chachi say salam dua, or rishta rakhna chayeh ya nahi. Please reply me

Question #16002 :

assalamu alaikum mera sawal hai ke bivi hamesha apne maike mean rahtihain jisse shohar ko bahut takleef hoti hai

Question #15960 :

Sir,I am in very difficult situation. I live in combine family with my husband s Sisters and brothers.One of my brother in-law is alcoholic and he drinks inside the house. Please guide me what to do, should I ask my husband to get me a separate house to live? what behavior should I show towards my brother in-law according to Islam?

Question #15883 :

Sir my mother was axity patients. But my fathers siblings don t understand her problem and thay tease her on every moment and she died with their harsh words. Sir my question is I know death is natural but if ur words give other too much pain that thay can t tolerate it s pain is sin or not it s equal to murder nor not

Question #15835 :

My ex wife demanded talaq(Khula)after 14 years of marriage. She went to the US court for civil divorce as well. I did not want the divorce and wanted to resolve the issues by discussion. I asked for my son s custody who was 8 at that time. I showed a letter from the Marja that says the son should come to his father but she refused to give our son to me. She demanded for alimony(post divorce maintenance)and child support which the court granted her. Is Alimony religiously legal or haram on her? Should my boy be with me or her? Please help. thank you

Question #15822 :

salam molana sahab,molana sahab mere husband mere abu ami bhai sis walo ki bht borahiyan karty hain ,mujh se bht larahi hoti hai unki,mistake meri ho ye unki hmmsha rona rahta hai,kanjoos b bht hain ye log,tane b bht marty hain bt bt p.mai kya karun tang agai hun apni life se,samj nh ata kya karun kase husband ko samjaun kase apne ghr ko chalaun help me plzzz

Question #15802 :

salam. i m married and not happy with my husband at all. he does not love and care about me. i tried every advice that was given to me to save my home girls are strong they have to bare every difficulty so i did but use less, now i dont even want to be with him. is this enough reason. do i have the right to stay happy.

Question #15791 :

aoa,my name is syed jamal anwar and i lived in gujrat pakistan, by profession i am teacher. from last 6 months i am in deep trouble. main ap ko ab apna pura masla battata hun. aj sae 6 months phalae meraee walda kee death ho gayee thee. meraee walda kee last year chuklaee kee hadee toot gayee thee, uss kaee bad wo bed paee aya gayee theine, unn ko dill ka meraze bhaee tha aur depression kee patient bhaee thinee. unhow nae zingee main dilchaspee lanee chorr dee huae thee aur wo khanna khanee main bhaee interest nahee latinee thaine. jab unn kee chuklaee kee haddae break huae tu main nae aur maree walad sahab naee unn kee har tarah sae care kee. lekin bazee dafa hamee unn sae sekhtaee karnee partee thee kyun kae unn ka khuch bhee karne par dill nahee karta tha. 23 may 2013 ko un tezz bukhar hua, main nae unn ko medicine bhae dee aur injection bhaee lagya aur thandaee pani kee patyiane bhaee khanee, lekin bukhar nahee utra, main samjah kae ordinary temperature hae uttar jayee ga, lekin wo na utra aur 300 pm par walda ka achannak sanns ukhar gaya lekin mujhay uss waqat bhaee samjh nahee ayaee kae unn ko heart attach hua hae, main yeh hee samjhta raha kae unn kee yeh halat bukhar kee waja sae hae aur wo jald theek ho jayinee gee, lekin assa khuch na hua. ham forighen unn ko hospital lae gayaee. wahan unn ka treetment shru hua, main uss waqat bhaee yeh samjhta raha ke walda theek ho jayinee gee, phir doctor nae mujhae bulya aur kaha kae ap dua karin ka ap kee walda batch jayinee lekin wo nahee batchanee gee unn kae batchnaee ka koe chance nahee, main nae junnu hee yeh sunna ronna shru kae dia aur merae dil main yeh khayalat anee shru ho gayaee kae theek hae amee aj hee fuat hoo jayinee, yeh gam jo main nae kal dekhna hae aj dekh leta, mujhaee ussee waqat yeh khayal bhaee aya amee ko bhut takleef thee unn ko isss sae nijatt mil gayaee hae, uss waqat mujhay yeh khyal bhaee aya kae main nae tu unn kee bhut khaidmat kee hae baqee allah kee marzee, ussee waqat mujhay yeh bhaee khyal aya kae meree zamindaree khatam ho gayee hae ab main apnee baqee kam karon ga jaisae main phd kar raha tha lekin walda kee tabiat kharab honaee kee waja sae main nae ussae chorr dia tha. main uss waqat roo bhaee raha tha aur maree andar yeh bhaee feeling thainee kae yeh theek hoo gya hae, phir main bhar aa kae beth gaya, meraee dil kee halat uss waqat ajeeb see thee, main khuch bae hisse ho gaya tha aur meraee feeling khuch iss tarah kee thee kae main yeh chha raha tha kae walda fuat hoo jayinee kyun kae wo jitnee bemar hain woo bilkuk hill jul nahee payinee gee. phir doctor nae mujhaee bulya aur kaha kae ap kee walda kee death hoo gayee hae joo kae main chha raha tha.. merree yeh kaffeyat uss waqt tak rahee jab tak main nae walda ko dafna nahee dia. walda ko dafnanee kae forighn bad mujhae assa laga kae merea bhut bara nuqsan hoo gaya hae, aur mujhaee laga jassae main khossh main aya gayya hun, uss kae bad mujhay apna ap itnna ghatia laga kae mujhaee apnee walda kae liaee assae khaylat kassee aa gayae jiss kae liaee main jan bhaee qurban kar sakta hun. mujhay yeh khayalat har waqat ahhasas gunnah ka ahhas delataee rehatain hain, mujhay yaqeen nahee ata kae yeh khaylat mujhay kasse aa saktae hain apnee walada kae baree main. kissi waqat mujhaee itna ahassas gunnah hota hae kae mera dil karta hae kae main khudkussi kar lun, mujhay assae lagta hae kae mujhay allah talh aur walda muaf nahee karine gaye, inn khayalat kee waja sae main shadeed depression main chala gaya hun. mera koe kam karnee paar dil nahee karta , meraee dil par bhut bhoj hae kissae waqat mujhay yeh khayalat intnae ziada attae hain kae mujhay assa lagta hae jaissae mera demag phat jaye ga aur merea dil phat jayae ga, mufti sahab kindly mujhay batiene main kya karon, mujhay har waqat walada yad attee rehtee hain, ek second kae liae mera demag unn kee yad sae khallee nahee hota, jis din wo fuat huaee theinee uss din ka e khyalat har waqat mereae demag main attae rehataine hain. meraee andar bhut zizda ahhass gunnha aur shimindagee hae, mufti sahab mujhay guide karein kae main kya karon main kassae inn khaylat sae chhutkara hassl karon, main bhut mushkal main hun iss waja sae mera koe kam karnee par dil nahee karta, mujhay assa lagta hae allah talah mujhay sazza dain rahee hain. mufti sahab mujahe guide karine main kya karon kae allah talah mujhae muaf kar dain aur maree walda bhae, please maree mail ka zaroor jawab digiaee ga main ap ka bhut shukkar guzar hun ga. main ap kae reply ka intazzar karon ga.syed jamal anwar

Question #15768 :

Assalamu alaikum Hazrat jee.I m married and blessed with 7months girl baby. My wife not giving respect to me, my parents and my sisters. she always shouting and fighting with me in front of my parents. My wife mother always teaching wrong guidelines to her and daily talking 2hours phone calls with her mother and collage friends. She not doing any works in my home. Even, if I ask something about this, she start to shout on me in front of my parents. My parents both are heart patient. Her mother always brining food, fruits and snacks to my home eating in front of us and wasting our home food. This kind of habits are not liking my parents. I already inform many times to wife and her parents but they are not lessening my words. My wife fathers is died. Also, In my family we have kept “Aaminah Batul” name for my child but her family member kept “ Aalyah Tahseen”. Myself and family advised many times with my wife, but still she calling “Aaliyah” name. Yesterday, I advised my wife to follow some rules otherwise you stay with you mother home. But she not lesson my word and she clearly told that she not willing to live with me . Now she staying in her mother home. We talked to her mother regarding this, but her mother saying that she will send my wife after 1yrs. What can I do now, please advise me .This the rules I told to her:Don’t call your mother & friends in daily bases Always do Masura with my parents for daily works Don’t argue with me Sleep early and wake-up for FaJar

Question #15736 :

Dear All,My question is about ruksatee during Muharram days.Can a bride leave her house and go to her husband s house during Muharram or it is not recommended.Kind Regards,Syed

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