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Question #17655 :

slam ,2011 mn mere abbu ny meri sister ka nikah mere yatem cousin se kya tha, lakin rokasti nhi hoi, thora time baad os ny kuch rupee mangy jo hum nhi dy saky, to wo gusy mn ilzam laga k logon ko kahny laga k larki kisi aur ky sath bagh gai hy jis se mere abu ko bahot sadma laga ,aur heart attack se death ho gai, ab 5-saal se wo saudi mn hy , khta hy kh sari zindgi yeh ghar bethi rhy gi .
adalat se talaq ho chuki hy ,shari hukm kya hy,

Question #17596 :

I Syeda Namal Hussain got married to Safi Haider who lives in America .
I and Safi Haider could not understand each other and could not make the marriage work so I came back to Pakistan in June 2016 which is my home country. Later I asked for divorce. In reply, Safi Haider’s father Mr Shabih Haider asked for unconditional divorce at a judicial paper endorsed by Minitry of Foriegn affairs of Pakistan for future process . I fulfilled his requirement of waiver of any claim what so ever and also drop the claim of dower amount i.e. $14000 as per Muslim law. I have sent this document to him. After this I have not been able to develop any contact with him. They do not reply to any email or calls. Please guide me about the Islamic procedure to move further as i want to get divorce as soon as possible.Is it true that after 3 legal notices and with no reply form him,khula takes place automatically? Please reply.its urgent

Question #17548 :

Assalam o alaikum Mera apsy sawal yeh hy k kyaa ourat k marny k bd uska husband na mehram hojata hy????

Question #17486 :

mere 1 dost ne mujey 12masoomeen as k masoomeen honey ki dleel mangi hai. please meri rehnmai frmaye…

Question #17446 :

We have four sisters and two brothers ,our father had one shop and one house in 1967 and they had heavy earning of around 600,000 Pakistani Rs. at that time ,my father did not allow us to buy anything for the matter of pomp and show.He did not write any bequest (wasiyat) in his life and all property was on his own name , he did not transfer them to his any son or daughter in his life or not specified any distribution of wealth among siblings , after his death in 1992 ,both of the brothers did not do any distribution of wealth among us (four sisters) our father did all marriage expenses of our four sisters in his life.Later on after his death , our two brothers took up the whole business and house and spend all marriage expenses of their children with our father’s business,now they refuse to give any property to sisters,now please guide us what will be the amount of property allocated to sisters ,whether it will accounted for only year of 1992 ? or it will be computed from whole 1992 to till 2017 ?
please guide us we need fatwa on this issue please its urgent because the case is awaiting for hearing

Question #17298 :

Assalam o Alaikum Molana sahab, mera sawal he, me apni job pe jaa hon jo 400 kilmeters door he mere ghar se or wahan sirf 8 din rehta hon bs.. to meri namaz qasir hogi ya me poori parhon??

Question #17294 :

Ya Ali Madad, sir mera ek beta or ek beti hai. mai unka haqiqa karna chahta ho jo mai 7th day of birth nhi kar paya tha. mujhe ye batae larke k lie kitne bakre or larki k lie kitne bakre? Qk mane kahe boy k lie 2 janwar parha hai kahi ek. Please confirm.

Question #17281 :

My question is regarding attending a wedding ceremony during the first week of December 2016 that is the first week of Rabi ul Awwal which is considered unpreferable for Shias to do so. Kya hum kisi qareebi dost ya rishte daar ke kisi event mai unke behad israar par shareek ho saktay hain?

Question #17274 :

Molana Sahab Salam, Mera yeh sawal Haj k kia hum Ghore ki NAL ko ghar k darwaza per chaspa ( Lagsakte hai) take gharki hifazat rahe,Nazar Na lage , air ghar mean barkat ho
Sharai masala kia Haj Tafsil she bataiye.
Jawab ka muntazir rahuga

Mohsin Raza, Karachi, Pakistan

Question #16247 :

Assalam-o-alaikum, my question is about one of the feilds of Arts called “sculpture making”. I have heard several times that this feild is not preferred by our Shia Ulemas and I have also heard people calling it Haram, I just wanted to ask that is this true or not? I really want to know because I m quite interested in joining this feild.Thank You

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