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Question #17495 :


Is is allowed to deposit money in a ‘Private Bank’ in Pakistan with the intention of taking interest? And if yes, is the interest halal and also do we need to give any penalty to the poor?

Question #15898 :

AoA, I ve saved some money in Qumi bachat scheme s “BAHBOOD SAVINGS CERTIFICATES”. where they give profit on monthly basses. My question is; Am I allowed to use this profit amount BECAUSE this scheme is from Government of Pakistan not from a bank. I m Muqallid of AyatoAllah Sistani sb.Here is the link for details

Question #15587 :

salam…kia prize bonds lena jaiz h? uska inaam le skte h? aqae sistani k mutabiq

Question #15216 :

As Salam-o-alaikum Janab,Mera sawal hai ke, kya hum share market main apna paisa invest kar sakte hain ya nahi, mera matlab yahan per ek share ki company hain, is main agar hum 5 lakhs invest karte hain to, 3 saal ke bad hamain 20 lakhs milege, yani 15 lakhs ka munafa. ye company bohat purani hain aur hamare bohat se shia hazrat ka bhi paisa invest hain, aur mujhe karobar keliye paise chahiye.Itimas-e-dua…

Question #15213 :

Assalam u alaikum.agha sahab i know that during service my father earned illegal money but my father dont believe that he earned illegal my father age is above 60.he is alive and has distributed his property among us according to warasat share.can it be possible ke me sirf apni tamam warasat ki property government ke hazane me father ki neeyat kurke jama kurwa samajta hu ke agur ab me father ko kahu ke aapne illegal money kumai he to wo muj se naraz na hojae ya mentally depression me na chale jae.agur me tamam paisa government ko jama kurwadu to kia father ke gunah muaaf ho jae ge ya father ko ehsaas dilana zaroori he?

Question #14430 :

i am going to purchase a car through bank on installment monthly basis. bank purchase a car from car company and give to me on monthly installment. the original price on cash is 39,000 but bank give me on installment base in 60 months around 45,000. what our fiqh said about it. is it right or wrong? please reply soon thanks and iltimasay dua

Question #14095 :

I have been doing a job for 26 years because I was divorced and there was no one to earn.I always earned a Halal salary and paid zakat, khums etc. but now I have retired and I got money of my provident fund and gratuity I have looked around but find no place for safe investment except the National Savings Scheme.I want to know that is there any other place or way from where an old person who cannot do any business etc.get any profit which is not considered as interest and help the old person to earn a halal earning for the rest of her life. Please remember that I require all the necessities of life including many medicines.I am a follower of Ayatollah Siestani.

Question #14068 :

Asslamon Alikum.Agha Sahib meri aap say guzarish hay kah pleas bata dain kay agar main aik lakh rupay (100000) kisi company ko karobar kay liay deta hoon aur woh mujhy monthly 10000 profit dety hian saath main yah kehty hian kah ugar aap ko raqam wapis chahiy to aik month kay baad aap ko asal raqam mil jaiy gee. To is surat main monthly profit jaiz hay ya nahin? Mehrbai farma kar wazahat kar deejiy, Bohat nawzish ho gi. Shukria

Question #13939 :

I am doing work in a company and my salary is not enough compare my expanse . In my Hotel there is no travel desk . if i will book outside and getting commission on it . Is it Halal or haram for me . My manager knows and he gave me permission .

Question #13879 :

Thankyou to Molana sabib and to your team doing a very good job, u have already solved many answers of mine, by watching others questions, i want to ask about what is the correct profit we should keep in business, if we keep 20% we dont get business as we are very low rate, here in dubai people keep 300% sometimes more profit, if i do the same to get business is it ok, Take good care of yourself thankyou

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