Shehria System


Students who chose to learn ilm-deen in Madressa Madinatulilm are facilitated with monthly amount according to their levels set by the Madressa to meet their day to day expenses of life. This is called Shehria (Wazifa). Besides this, shehria from Rehbar Ayatullah Khamenai and Ayatullah Sistani also distributed by their respective nominated institutions in Karachi. Shehria for teaching or any other work done for Madressa like (Dars recording, CD making etc.) is also given. On every Friday, students are required to prepare and practice speeches (Tamreen) and for that speech, separate shehria is also given on obtained numbers.

Sarf-Suyuti Rs. 1500
Luma-Usool Rs. 2250
Rasael-Makasib Rs. 3000
Kifaya Rs. 4500
Darse-Kharij Rs. 6000
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