Aims & Objectives


To help the people, substantially and spiritually, in line with God’s will

The main aims and objectives of the Academy are as under.

Aims and Objectives:

  • The education starting from basics to Dars-e-Kharij including education of Usool, Fiqah, Kalam, Philosophy, History and Quran is included in the curriculum
  • To train and send teachers to different seminaries (Madaris).
  • To depute preachers of the necessary training in different areas.
  • To train intellectuals having true Islamic approach in the field of Islamiat & Arabic for colleges and universities.
  • To present research compilation and translation as well as easy translation of the beneficial and useful books for the society along with the answers and corrections of ambiguities and misconceptions.
  • To proceed in the field of Quranic education like Husn-e-Qara’at (Recitation) and Tafseer.
  • To construct the seminaries in the needful and inclined societies.
  • Establishment of a huge library to provide books to the people from all walks of life having thirst for religious or worldly education.
  • To arrange the specific package with special reference to women education, for the training of ladies of the society.
  • In addition to these keeping in view the requirements of the organization, solution of problems and provision of resources, are included in the aims of the institution.


To accomplish this great task there is an essential need of a suitable accommodation at the moment, the organization has two seminaries for which the accommodation is not enough to fulfill the requirements and to expand these seminaries suitable places within Soldier Bazar have been ear-marked. But property value of both the seminaries is not enough to acquire the ear-marked places.
Therefore, philanthropists of the society are requested to come forward and extend their valuable help in acquiring the requisite accommodation.

Religious Scholars (Spiritual Leaders):
By the grace of Almighty Allah, our circle with respect to spiritual scholars is expanding day by day. More spiritual leaders are inclined to provide us courage and moral support in this regard by virtue of which we are able to conclude the assigned task in a befitting manner.
At present, a number of students are busy acquiring the education of Dars-e-Kharij and successfully heading towards greater achievements.

We are looking forward for valuable and extensive support of the believers in this regard also, so as to continue our sacred mission without any hurdle and hindrance.

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