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Student Comments

In this materialistic age of self-centeredness, only a few people are gifted with the potency potential of knowledge and wisdom. Not all of those fortunate fellows can avail the benefit of Howza-e-Ilmiya due to the hindrances such as time constraint, course content and strict rules and regulations. However, Madinatul-Ilm-Academy has adapted a way of promoting research education that raises above all the hindrances in the way of potential students. Students that are engaged in their academic studies and professional life in the daytime, can avail this opportunity in evening. The official website of the institute includes all the recorded lectures for those who are learning at their homes. Furthermore, the polite attitude of well-experienced scholars has helped in making research education trouble-free. Alongside, the institute also organizes Islamic gatherings, special lectures and istaftah.

This institute has benefitted me to the fullest and has helped me in finding closest to the nature of DEEN. It’s a place where people even in hardest situations acquire Ilm-e-Deen in least possible time and quench their thirst of spirits.

May God bless this institute Madinatul-Ilm-Academy with huge success by leaps and bounds and give us the strength to obtain Ilm-e-Deen from it (Ameen).

“Undoubtedly, the greatest excellence is none but knowledge.” (Imam Ali A.S.)

Sheikh M. Aleem

Madinatul Ilm Academy (MIA) is one of the respectable and prestigious spiritual education institutes of Karachi, Pakistan. It teaches research lessons from Sarf to Dars-e-Kharij in different levels. One of the distinguishing characteristic of MIA is that it gives evening shift along with the morning shifts for those interested students that are acquiring higher academic education as well. I, after completing basic research education, was looking for an institute which could provide its students with the howzavi level education package in the evening shift. Being the student of MIA, I benefitted in attainment of knowledge and a great learning experience in the company of proficient Ulama. I proudly declare that I am a student of Agha Ali Nasir Mehdavi and Agha Ahmed Nahvi.

The services of Madinatul Ilm Academy have always been outstanding. Considering the time limitations in this contemporary era, MIA has transcribed all the Duroos on CDs for the ease of its students. The library of MIA is flawless. I have benefitted in a number of ways from this library at the time of my M-Phil and PhD. The institute also facilitates with residence, dining and stipend for its students. Moving along with the needs of growing age, the website www.madinatulimacademy.com assists people in their Fiqhi problems, in which the answers to the questions on all Fiqhi topics are presented in a managed way.

In the end, I pray to Allah Subhanahu Taala for the strength for publication of Uloom-e-Aale Muhammad (S.A.W.W).

Syed Ahsan Raza Naqvi